Frequently Asked Questions and Testimonials

Q. What is the difference between Model 51 and Model 830?
A. Both models will handle 20.8, 18.4 and 14.9 or metric 320 to 520. Tire height does not matter. Model 51 handles a max wt. of 1500#. Model 830 handles max. wt of 3,000#. If you have wheel weights in the dual or fluid in the tire you will want Model 830.

Q. Will Model 55 work on smaller tires?
A. Not the best. The arms get too long for the smaller tires and don't fit properly.

Q. I have all size tires. Which model should I get?
A. If your tire sizes range from 320 to 800 metric. You can but the Model 830 and the arms off the Model 850. The Model 850 arms will interchange with the Model 830. This will save you from buying two units.

Q. Do I have to take off the weights in my dual first.
A. No. The model 830,836 or 850 will handle up to 1500# weights or fluid in the tires.

Q. We are an implement dealer. Which one is best for us.
A. Model 830 for tires 20.8 and smaller. Model 850 for 580 to 800 metric tires. or buy Model 830 and the Model 850 arms that will interchange with model 830. ( to order model 850 arms you must call. It is not available on line.)

Q. I have a sprayer with 620 metric and 380 metric. Which model do I need.
A. The only sprayer the EZ Dual Changer will work on is the 4920 JD. All other sprayers do not have clearance on the back side of the tire. They have only 1 to 2" of clearance. The Dual Changer needs 4" minimum.

Q. What do you have that will work on changing sprayer tires.
A. The Industrial Wheel Mover or the Large Wheel trolley will work on all sprayer tires.

Q. Will the EZ Dual Changer work on combine duals. A. Yes. The rim on the combine duals are dished out on the back side. There is only clearance for about 2".
You can buy the special 2" rollers and change the 5" standard ones when you want to use it for combine duals.

Q. How much does my dual weigh.
A. An 18.4" X 46" dual weights about 840#.


Andy Wert from Mifflintown, PA writes: "I put duals on my IH 1066 today. The tires had fluid in them and the dual changer worked great, made changing the tires a snap. My friend was skeptical but once we got the first tire on he said, "Wow, this thing really does work!""

John Hansen from Minnesota writes: "This is a great, low cost way for one guy to change duals and is what I have been looking for over the past several years."

Ron from the CNH Service Training Center in Racine, WI writes: "We have been using it a lot this fall - mostly with combine tires. It really does work quite nicely."

Bill from IL writes: "Read about your Dual Changer on New Ag Talk website. Was highly recommended by all."

Wesley from Wood Lake, MN writes: "Examining the tool, the time saved to change duals safely and easily is totally worth the cost! Thanks for coming up with a great idea for a potentially hazardous job."

Jeff from Waskada, Manitoba Canada says: "I like my model 800, really works great on my 800 metric tires with 1500# weights in them. Unbelievable how much time and labor was saved."