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Have you ever needed more room in the bed of your pick-up?

Do you need the length of a trailer but don't want to pull, store, register and insure one?

Extend-A-Haul™ Loading Ramp system is a strong, brushed aluminum, truck bed extender and ramp. Allows you to easily carry all the "stuff" that won't fit on normal truck beds which may include Wilcraft™, golf carts, Jon boats, ATVs, and motorcycles, to building materials; including but not limited to carpet and wood, you can haul it all. The Extend-A-Haul™ also features an exclusive gravity-loading ramp design that simplifies loading and unloading. Winch your load up and let gravity do the rest.

Built with extruded 6061 aluminum alloy, then TIG welded this ramp will last for years. EXtend-A-Haul provides a one year warranty against defects in material and workmanship. The Extend-A-Haul™ ramp loading system is available in a variety of lengths and attaches easily to most truck beds. You may store it in your truck or easily remove from your vehicle after each use. Vehicle owners do not need additional insurance or registration, plus you can't jackknife this.




Extend-A-Haul™ Base Unit
5' Full Bar Unit  
6' Full Bar Unit  
8' Full Bar Unit  
BBBuggy 6' Unit  
BBBuggy 8' Unit  
UTV Extender "Little Rascal"
Polaris 500 Unit  
Yamaha 700 Rhino Unit  
NIVEL (38 X 30)  
Carts Bed Extender 8ft Gross  
Carts Bed Extender 8ft Gross w/ Powdercoating  
Custom Cart Sizes Available  
Equipment Haulers
Snowmobile Hauler (Standard 7ft Unit)  
DBL Sports Bike Hauler  
(Combo) UTV Trike Cruiser Hauler  
Spider Motorcycle Hauler  
Bed Slide  
Winch w/ woven Nylon Cable (complete kit). Kit includes: winch, wireless remote, guide plate, Extend-A-Haul Mount Bracket w/bolts  
Motorcycle Chock  
Shipping cost varies by destinati